Social Responsibility

To understand in a better way the reach of this expression, is necessary to recognize in first place each one of us, being part of a family, in a community, in a company, a country, in a word, of the society, we enjoy rights, but at the same time obligations, which we call more properly social responsibilities.

It is easy to see our RIGHTS, nevertheless it is hard to understand and let’s not say, accomplish, our RESPONSABILITIES. However, both concepts are links from the same chain. For other to enjoy their RIGHTS, generally it is necessary for us to accomplish our RESPONSABILITIES. For example, we all have the RIGHT to have a clean city, with no trash in the streets; but it is necessary that everyone complies with their RESPONSIBILITY to deposit trash in the indicated place.

There exist personal, family, community, corporate and civil RIGHTS and RESPONSABILITIES. No matter in which environment we are, the truth is that to the extent that everyone respects others’ RIGHTS and complies his RESPONSABILITIES, we will have a more proper, fair, respectful and violence free society. Social Responsibility is a commitment of everyone, and in San Diego Corporation is part of our conduct.