About Us

With the mission to provide welfare to our customers and consumers, San Diego Corporation and Trinidad, directs their activities to produce and transform sugar cane into energy products, in which we can distinguish sugar production and electrical energy generation.

To understand in a better way the reach of this expression, is necessary to recognize in first place each one of us, being part of a family, in a community, in a company, a country, in a word, of the society, we enjoy rights, but at the same time obligations, which we call more properly social responsibilities.

With a firm commitment with quality, continuous improvement of the processes and resources optimization, our collaborators team daily seeks to achieve higher levels of productivity, contributing this way to integral growth of our company and of Guatemala.

In San Diego Corporation and Trinidad, everyone who form part of the Company, share and impulse 5 Principles and values that guide us in each activity we perform.

No matter the place we work, the function we perform, nor the position we occupy in the company, we all have the commitment to practice them, motivated to construct a nice place to work, where friendship, overcoming, collaboration and respect exists.


We are compromised to:

Produce high quality sugar, applying and complying with standards and national and international regulations.

Reach higher levels of productivity and efficacy, optimizing available resources trough continuous improvement of our management system.

On June 25th 2003 the beginning of this Project was marked, with a training conference to learn about the standard and quality systems. As part of the implementation an activity schedule was made and we counted with the advice of the company EvoluciĆ³n Asesores Gerenciales.

On June 29th 2005 we received the certificates that witness we comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Since we started the process in June 2003 to date, we have seen the improvement in each one of our processes. But we are aware that this certification is not the endpoint because as part of the cycle check with the compliance of the system, annual audits are carried out as a follow up from the certifier auditor. Every 3 years re-certification audits are performed, for our system the certificates were renewed on April 30th 2008.

The support provided by the High Management is vital for any Certification process and San Diego was not the exception as we had their support, participation and accompanying; as well as the support from chiefs of areas, supervisors and all of the workers. Our goal is not only being the first certified Sugar Mill in Guatemala but satisfy every day the needs of our clients and promote continuous improvement.

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