The Beginning

Mills of San Diego 1964

The history of San Diego Sugar Mill dates back to 1887, when businessmen Otto Bleuler and Sophus Koch purchased the San Diego farm and started the production of handmade loaf sugar, and from 1901, centrifuged sugar.

From 1958, the San Diego administration goes to Fraterno Vila Betoret, who has tirelessly promoted the growth of the organization. One of his first challenges was to build a new, bigger and modern Sugar Mill. This goal was achieved in 1965.

That year, the new mill began operations with an 800 tons daily cane milling to produce 1,500 quintals of sugar per day. In the 1965-66 cane harvest 70,936 quintals of sugar were produced, and a year later in the season 1966-67, 126,871 quintals of sugar were produced.

San Diego

Smokestack San Diego 1965

In 1974, a new generation of directors joined the San Diego Sugar Mill administration who pushed forward to new projects. One of the most important achievements was the acquisition of Trinidad Sugar Mill in 1987 with the aim of increasing the area of cane sugar production. In the first cane harvest of Trinidad Sugar Mill in 1988-1989, 22,086 quintals of sugar were produced.

Thanks to honest and responsible work, daily dedication, resources care, a close family unit and workers determination important goals have been achieved in few years. To date, both sugar mills integrate San Diego Corporation and produce, during annual cane harvest, more than 2.5 million quintals of sugar.


Trinidad Factory 2014

In 2003, the ISO 9001 Standard implementation started in San Diego.

In 2005 ICONTEC certification was obtained with the reach of production and merchandising of sugar.

In 2010, both mills conformed San Diego Corporation and produced during annual cane harvest more than 2.5 million quintals of sugar.

That same year, 2010, San Diego stops according to corporate strategy and all operations were centralized in Trinidad Sugar Mill, where implementation of ISO 9001 quality system was performed.

The principal activity of San Diego Corporation is production and merchandising of cane sugar in national and international market. Also includes molasses sale and during the last years, cogeneration projects of electrical energy are priority within expansion plans of the corporation.